Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Transgender Ms Sahara Sends Message to Haters for Calling Her Fake

MS Sahara is obviously tired of Nigerian women calling her fake and has responded via Twitter . See her message to her haters 

 “… instead of supporting and encouraging our own, we tear them down out of jealousy. Apparently, I am fake,my body is a man's body, my legs and breast are made of rubber, I can never be a woman even if I have 4 vaginas constructed! HAHAHAHA I find their hate amusing. It is the fuel to my success! I'm here to stay and rub their faces in it…” she wrote.

That's not all lol she's really ready this time o. More rants below 

“I was born a plain canvas like any human. Hence I like playing with makeup, sexy clothing,high heels shoes, & different colours of hair to create an interesting looking character. Beauty they say, is in the eyes of the beholder,so you dont have to like my looks. I honestly don't care about your hatred for my 'plastic look' HAHAHAHA. I am not doing it for your approval, I do it for myself!, because it feels and looks good. So keep your nasty hateful opinions to your boring self! Just because you can't achieve the same result as myself doesn't make your BASIC FAT ASS more of a woman than me! JEALOUS NIGERIAN BITCHES sending me stupid hateful messages after reading a popular blogger's sentence comparing me to their ugly fat asses! Fools, I didn't buy my looks from a surgeon's table, I created my looks out of knowledge and understanding of my own body!....... Buy your coffins bitches, you gonna be seeing more hotness from my end! Get ready to die or bow do.....UGLY COWS!

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