Thursday, 22 May 2014

Two Rascals Poisoned Their Teacher's Water with Deadly Toxins

Two rascals,9 and 12-year-old boys were busted Tuesday after poisoning teacher's Johanna Cherepany’s water bottle.
A third student who knew what the boys had done told her mother after school, and the student’s mom called the school’s principal to warn the teacher that her water had been poisoned.

The Teacher,Cherepany, 62, rushed to her doctor’s office that afternoon and was treated for nausea and a spike in blood pressure, but was not seriously sickened or injured by the poisoned water, the sources said.
The boys will be assigned to a probation officer, who will meet with them at a later date and decide whether they will be given probation, ordered to make restitution or be prosecuted in family court.
Sources said the 9 year old — who will turn 10 next week — brought the poison to school and that both boys laced the teacher’s water with the potentially deadly toxin.

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