Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How Do I Tell My Fiancee I Impregnated Two Women

It's very funny how 30mins enjoyment can ruin lives. Read the story of a young man who's engaged but  impregnates two women because he believes he got it free. Should he tell his fiancee or keep it as a secret?

New yam festival. Exactly a year 2day,a friend of mine invited me to celebrate a new yam festival in his father's farm. It was a four day activity that cut across cultural dances,singing,cooking,wrestling just name it. We went there in a big way with my toyota corolla. On our arrival,his father and the wives were happy to receive a banker from Abuja on his farm. So he entertained us well.
One of the activities for day two was eating(pounded yam) competition. 'Bolus competition'. In short,this is the activity that made me agree to come with my friend. As the fun progressed and got funnier,"something" pushed me forward to join! My neck almost teared apart that day but I impressed the viewers despite that I took last position! On the third day after the bolus competition,my friend went out and came in with a pretty,innocent-local girl! She wants to see me was what he said. She said she liked me!!! She said it plain! "Sir,I like u". I liked her, too but how many of them am I going to like in four or five days! Because I had already seen a local but exquisite lady!
Whether she hypnotized me or my 'pencil' was not ashamed, we did it on our second meeting! I don't know what came over me or what I came over,but I slept with three strange locals in just five days!
On our way 2 Abuja,my friend and I discussed this and laughed it over.
On the 23rd March this year,my friend brought me sad news! 'Grace has put to bed and has mentioned your name'. She put to bed last two weeks! I didn't understand him because the name Grace does not ring any bell until he mentioned our last year adventure! I dropped the file I was working on and insulted my friend! "Are you not the most stupid friend I ever had! How do you believe such crazy story?" Just as we were arguing,my fiancée came in so that we could go out for lunch! She is an immigration officer & her office is not far from mine. And as I was just trying to give her excuses,my friend's phone rang. Oyamine has put two bouncing babies to bed! D name rang bell bcos I knew how many round of sex I had with her! But these babies are definitely not mine. They have seen a banker,right? NO WAY! I quarreled with my friend & asked him out! A week later,it became hotter! Jesus! Two elderly men plus my friend came to my doorstep! It was at this point that I started suspecting my friend of duping me! But as days went on,my suspicious was negative. There are two women claiming I am responsible for their babies! What da H? We went for test last week and alas,I have fathered three children from a stupid adventure!
The problem now is: first,I don't wanna have anything to do with my friend because there's no way he didn't hear those locals were pregnant! Second,I don't wanna,and I CAN'T marry these locals! And 3rd,although I met my fiancée 6months ago,how do I keep this secret away from her because I really love her.

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